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DNAsix® is a digital coaching franchise business set up in 2017. It helps organisations survive, compete and ultimately thrive in today’s digital marketplace.

DNAsix® is founded on six basic principles – strategy, culture, content, community, advertising and data – which are then used within a trademarked business model to diagnose where the challenges and opportunities lie within businesses, particularly around digital transformation.



To understand fully where a business is heading, we need to analyse where it is at the present time.

Using the DNAsix® digital assessment tool you can simply diagnose where the strengths and weaknesses lie, based around 6 steps and 20 key areas.

This can also be supplemented by a wide range of additional questions designed to help you understand exactly how best to consult with your client.



With a 360-degree view of your client, you will then be able to put together an in-depth digital strategy encompassing all areas of their business including sales, marketing, PR, HR, IT, recruitment, financing, internal communications and product development.

This document will contain a series of practical and realistic recommendations, both at a micro and a macro level, forming the basis of an implementation plan.



The final phase of the DNAsix® process involves ensuring that the recommendations are implemented fully by the client’s senior management or leadership team.

This may involve follow-up calls or meetings. Alternatively, you may wish to sign up your client on a monthly retainer to ensure they meet their strategic objectives and consistently adapt their business to the changing, digital marketplace.

WHY DNAsix®?

Think of a business process in 2018, chances are that it is in some way affected by digital.

From online banking to processing card payments and from customer service to recruitment, logistics and even facilities management, technology is causing massive disruption but also plenty of opportunities. So, regardless what your organisation is - hotel owner, architect, accountant, leisure attraction, manufacturing business, local authority, charity - you WILL be touched by digital.


  • 1.6 million small businesses and 100,000 charities lack even basic digital skills (Lloyds 2017 survey)
  • Many businesses are run by Baby Boomers (aged 53-72) who don’t get technology and are scared by it. In fact, the average UK business owner is 51, male and British (Finder survey)
  • Half the workforce will be Millennials (aged 19-37) by 2020 yet many businesses don’t understand them properly or use them to their full potential
  • 43% of the UK population is under 35 and they are digital natives who engage entirely differently to previous generations
  • Technology - particularly things like VR, AR, AI - has the power to disrupt massively and many industries need to be able to adapt
  • We’re in an increasingly data-driven, post GDPR marketplace so organisations really need to get a handle on how they use data.
  • The ‘gig economy’ will become increasingly the norm for many workers yet it is an entirely different model to old ways of working
  • Most organisations don’t have the ability to create the amount of high quality content required to fill their offline and online channels
  • Many Millennials are digital natives yet don’t possess the basic understanding of how to run a business and are not as motivated by money
  • CEOs don’t possess the digital skills necessary to build a long-term viable business

We’re now over a decade into the social media and digital revolution.
Doing nothing is not an option and may ultimately result in your business failing or at the very least becoming uncompetitive.


We work with a range of organisations who are looking to increase their profits, reduce their costs and stay competitive in an increasingly digital world.

What we do is create tailored digital strategies encompassing every part of a business, work with management teams to implement these strategies and provide on-going specialist mentoring and training.

This means we can put into place effective and realistic digital plans to ensure that your business has a long term viable and profitable future.


  • Bespoke digital business strategies
  • Training courses aligned with the strategies
  • Personal branding and thought leadership courses
  • Half and full-day digital business planning workshops
  • Social media guidelines
  • Licences
  • Franchises

DNAsix® easily integrates with a wide range of other specialisations from branding to analytics and from social media management to running online campaigns.
We also have an extensive network of partner companies.


Whether you're looking for a DNAsix® Certified Coach to help take your business to the next level, want to offer DNAsix® to new and existing clients or you're ready for an entirely new business challenge : select a DNAsix® MENU item to find out more.


Do you run a thriving business and want to take it to the next level? Are you keen to keep your competitive edge into the next decade and beyond? Or are you looking for specialist digital transformation within your organisation but don’t know where to start?

DNAsix® has the experience and track record to help you achieve these goals.



Do you run a Growth Hub or Business Support organisation and want to expand your range of services to clients? Or are you keen to upskill your advisors into ‘digital’ business advisors?

Then a DNAsix® license could provide you with both the system and training you need to train your team and ensure your agency is providing clients with just the support and advice they need to thrive in a digital marketplace.



Do you have a background in marketing, sales or consultancy and are looking to set up your own business? Perhaps you are newly retired and are looking for a fresh challenge.

If so, a DNAsix® franchise could provide you with the perfect opportunity.



Would you like to work with us on providing the best digital support services?

DNAsix® has always been designed to be a very collaborative system and we are always keen to work with a range of specialists including: social media managers, data analysts, digital advertising agencies and online search specialists.



David Taylor

Founder & Managing Director

David Taylor is a digital business consultant with 25 years’ experience of the UK media scene garnered from a career in journalism, in-house media relations, PR, marketing, social media training and digital management consultancy.
More about David here...

He is the co-author of two books on social media - Fusion, The New Way of Marketing (2011) and The Business of Being Social (2013/2015).
More on David's books here...

He has run hundreds of digital and social media training courses for over 3,500 professionals in the UK as well as in the US, France, Switzerland, Cyprus and Italy.

Unusually he has worked with charities and micro-SMEs, right up to global multinationals including BNP Paribas, Grosvenor, Reckitt Benckiser and PwC.

His aim is to make DNAsix® the world’s leading digital coaching company.


David Taylor

Founder & Managing Director

Gavin Howard

Lead Developer

Tom Forbes


David Noble

Franchise Consultant

Jeffrey Rafftree

Franchise Support Manager

Robyn Bourne

Speaker Agent

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