Third Growth Hub teams up with DNAsix

Digital skills and business communications consultancy DNAsix® today announces that it has sold its third licence to Dorset Growth Hub. 

DNAsix® provides ambitious and forward-thinking companies with the clarity and expert digital support they need to survive, compete and ultimately thrive in today’s digital marketplace. 

This concept has been honed and developed by founder David Taylor over many years into a training programme which he has used successfully in a wide variety of organisations across the UK.

As well as starting work with the Dorset Growth Hub, he will shortly be launching his own e-learning portal ( 

This will make it even easier for both enterprise support organisations and SMEs to access the information they need to operate successfully in an increasingly uncertain world.

The Growth Hub team in Dorset will be using the DNAsix programme in addition to the expert advice and workshops they currently deliver.

This means that over the next year, scores of businesses in the county will benefit not only from having sound business advice but also the digital know-how they need to reach out to today’s social-savvy customers.


Says David: “Following on from my work with Vistage UK, Let’s Do Business and Coast to Capital, I am very excited to be working with Rich and his colleagues in Dorset.

“I am very impressed with their approach to digital skills training and I have no doubt that in their capable hands, DNAsix will prove to be a real success.”

Richard Burn, Digital Manager at the Dorset Growth Hub says: “There is a massive amount of synergy between the work that David has done on DNAsix and what we have been trying to achieve here in Dorset.

“The materials, diagnostics, self-help guides and e-learning portal contained within the DNAsix programme will massively enhance our ability to reach out and upskill even more businesses across the county.”

If you would like to find out more about DNAsix or you are interested in buying a licence for your organisation, contact David on

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