DNAsix launches new e-learning programme aimed at SMEs

Today sees the launch of a digital skills and business communications e-learning programme aimed specifically at high growth SMEs as well as those companies aspiring to be high growth SMEs.

DNAsix Communicator helps business owners to achieve these five goals: 

1.    Maximise the return you get on all your sales and marketing activities

2.    Reach out to a wider, deeper and more diversified audience base - both here and abroad

3.    Grow your brand profile wherever you need to – traditional channels, online, face-to-face or via social media

4.    Reduce your costs and ensure you are not wasting money on activities that don’t bring value for money

5.    Ensure your company has a viable, sustainable and profitable long-term future


It is founded on six important principles – Strategy, Culture, Content, Community, Advertising and Data – which are then used to diagnose where the challenges and opportunities lie within businesses.  https://youtu.be/02dN2Vs3Gak


This unique programme features the following:

* Two online digital ‘health-checks’ 

* A series of educational videos 

* Downloadable online communications tool 

* 30 comprehensive self-help modules with actionable goals 

* Downloadable strategy planner 

* On-going advice and support


Says DNAsix founder David Taylor: “We are in a time of unprecedented technological change, which is having a massive impact on the way that humans interact with one another.

“All businesses have a large number of stakeholder audiences – customers, clients, suppliers, staff, investors, journalists and associates. These people need to be engaged with using appropriate communications channels.

“DNAsix Communicator helps you diagnose where the strength and weaknesses lie in your business, learn new skills and put together a comprehensive communications strategy.”


DNAsix Communicator is available for a one-off cost of £300 + VAT.


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