DNAsix founder David Taylor contributes to new social media book aimed at CEOs and business leaders

DNAsix founder David Taylor is delighted to have contributed to a new social media book aimed at CEOs and industry leaders. The Social CEO will be published in October and will be crammed with chapters written by some of the leading players in digital communications and practicing social CEOs.

David has written a chapter looking at how directors of SMBs can harness the potential of sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to help grow their businesses. He uses the DNAsix® six-step model to show how even owners of small organisations can find the time and resources to use digital channels.

The book is being co-authored and compiled by Damian Corbet who says: “We’ve now reached a point where interest in social leadership is at an all-time high. Almost daily there is a new article published, espousing the need for CEOs to ‘get social’.

“The aim of the book therefore is to educate and inspire senior leaders to embrace the Social Age and learn to utilise social media to make them better leaders. My vision is for the book to become the definitive go-to resource for any leader struggling with these issues.

“It will have input from a team of more than 30 contributors, including industry-recognised experts in social business, along with practicing ‘social CEOs’. 

“It will break down the many aspects of leading in the social age into bite-sized chapters on topics such as storytelling, personal branding, managing risk and public relations. It will also include chapters written by CEOs from many different sectors, from healthcare to sport, who will share their experience and offer advice about utilising social media in their sectors.”

The Social CEO will be published on October 17thby Bloomsbury.


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